About the Project

The Tana River Basin Biodiversity Information System (TANARIBBIS) portal is developed in the context of the project on “Developing a Freshwater Biodiversity Data and Information System for the Tana River Basin, Kenya, for Improved Ecosystem Management and Development Planning”. The project is funded by JRS Biodiversity Foundation and implemented by the National Museums of Kenya in partnership with the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Water Towers Agency, Water Resources Authority, and Nature Kenya; with Upande Ltd being responsible for the technical development of the portal.


Project Objectives and Activities


      1. Key partners in the Tana River Basin to formally recognize the importance of sharing biodiversity data for improved ecosystem management.
      2. Mobilize and publish biodiversity data from existing sources and conduct limited field expeditions to fill major data gaps and rapidly assess the current state of biodiversity and threats.
      3. Develop an interactive data portal with biodiversity data integrated with other contextual data and provide tools for data manipulation, analysis and visualization.
      4. Conduct outreach through workshops, train stakeholders in using the data portal, develop capacity to capture data and maintain the portal, and secure sustainable support.