User Guide

How to explore featured maps

The explore map option will allow you to view a graphical representation of selected locations and their data in Tana Basin. You will explore the data in those areas by clicking on a given map.
Click on the different maps section to explore the various data provided. You can zoom in/out on the maps to get finer details. The data is categorized into various sections accessed on the left panel. You can click on the category button to dive deeper on the specific sections.

How to explore Data categorized by Class

This section shows records of selected classifications by class in Tana Basin. It consists of a class name and the occurrences of that class in numbers.
For an indepth coverage of a class, click on resources > downloads, on the menu items; This will allow you to download  our custom Qgis plugin to enable you explore the class in detail.

How to download resources

Click on the resources menu on the top navigation. The reports dropdown-menu will take you to the reports page. Here, click on the download button to get a pdf file of the listed resources.
Click on the resources menu on the top navigation. The downloads link on the dropdown-menu will let you download our custom Qgis plugin. An installation video tutorial is attached.